Volunteers are vital to the work of the Centre and the people we support and we are extremely grateful for the time and contributions that they make.

We are accredited with Investors in Volunteers, so you can be sure that we support, develop and value our volunteers in line with best practice.

We are currently recruiting volunteers for the following positions:

  • Complementary Therapist (trained on in-training) for the following therapies:

– Acupuncture

– Body Massage

– Reflexology

  • Fundraising and Events Coordinator

Main Responsibilities:

– Identify fundraising opportunities

– Developing plans for fundraising activities and awareness events

– Work with Staff to write funding bids

– Work alongside Social Media and Creative Advertising Volunteers to increase online event promotion

– Identify community organisations and businesses with the potential for partnership work

– Manage Event Volunteers on an ad-hoc basis

– Promote the work of Wandsworth Carers’ Centre in the local community

  • Peer Support Group Facilitator
    • Are you a people person
    • Do you enjoy groups
    • Do you want to share and develop your skills and experiences
    • Do you have 3 hours once a month

    Would you like to create and facilitate a new Carers peer support group at our Wandsworth office?

    If you are interested in this facilitation role or would like more info, please call Nabihah on 020 8877 1200.

Please click and download the relevant role descriptions below for more information about the roles.

To apply to volunteer with us, complete an application  and equal opportunities form.

Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Equal Opportunities Form

Find out about our Companionship Volunteer opportunity below, as well as read about the experiences of some of our previous volunteers.

Wandsworth Volunteer Companions – Helping out a carer in your local community

Our Companionship Scheme supports people caring for others who have a health condition, Alzheimer’s, or a learning disability.  Carers have a very important role and we recognise that they can need support themselves.

Volunteer with our Companionship Scheme to help us give them the support they deserve.

Once a week you will visit someone who is disabled or unwell in your local community and offer them a friendly listening ear.  This will help reduce their feelings of loneliness.  It will also allow their carer to take some time for themselves and ensure they don’t become isolated.

As a companion you will not need any previous training.  This role is about providing emotional support – engaging people in conversations about things that are of general interest to them, being a good listener, understanding, and supportive.

Some training is provided so you will be prepared for being a companion and know what to expect. You will also have support from our staff when you need it. Travel expenses will be covered.

Is this the role for me?

We work with people from all walks of life, backgrounds and cultures. You must be aged 18 and over to volunteer with the service.

  • Are you willing to volunteer in the Wandsworth area?
  • Are you able to commit to 2-3 hour a week (and travel time to and from the person’s home) for at least 6 months?
  • Are you prepared to listen to anyone, even though you may not always agree with their point of view?

Please also note that all applicants for our volunteering roles are required to provide 2 references, go through an enhanced DBS, and a matching process to a local person and their Carer. This could take at least 8 weeks to complete, although it could be quicker.

What to expect – The opportunity to:

  • Do something important for people in your local community.
  • Make some new friends.
  • Build your communication skills.

If you would like to discuss your application or any of the roles further, please contact Nabihah on 020 8877 1200 or e-mail volunteer@wandsworthcarers.org.uk. Alternatively contact by post at 181 Wandsworth High Street, London, SW18 4JE.

Volunteer Stories

Adrian – Counsellor

What made you want to volunteer at Wandsworth Carers’ Centre?

I needed a placement for my counselling training and Wandsworth Carers’ Centre was my first choice. I have some experience of caring myself, so could appreciate how important this work is.

What is it like to volunteer at Wandsworth Carers’ Centre?

I’ve very much enjoyed it. Wandsworth Carers’ Centre is a small organisation that makes volunteers feel that they are part of the team. I got regular meetings with the Volunteer Development Officer where talked about how it was going and I could discuss any issues. But in over three years of volunteering at Wandsworth Carers’ Centre there was nothing to moan about!

What have you gained from volunteering at Wandsworth Carers’ Centre?

I’ve gained a wealth of experience. Anyone can become a Carer, so I’ve worked with a wide range of people with many different needs.

Would you recommend it to others?


Debika – Receptionist and Office Support Volunteer

What made you want to volunteer at Wandsworth Carers’ Centre?

Wandsworth Carer’s Centre provides range of services and support to Carers. It is essential for a Carer to receive this kind of support, as it can be extremely challenging and stressful at times. This is what made me volunteer at Wandsworth Carers Centre, because I wanted to learn and help with the amazing services and support they provide.

What is it like to volunteer at Wandsworth Carers’ Centre?

Volunteering at the Wandsworth Carer Centre was wonderful; it helped me develop my social and professional skills with the help of a great compassionate team.

What have you gained from volunteering at Wandsworth Carers’ Centre?

This volunteering experience gave me insight into what I wanted to do in the future in terms of providing support and services for the general public especially to the ones who are being overlooked.

Would you recommend it to others?

I would highly recommend volunteering with this organisation to anyone because trust me, you will be not be disappointed with the support from others and the progression of yourself from this brilliant experience.

Sue – Massage Therapist

What was it like to volunteer at Wandsworth Carers’ Centre?

I found Volunteering at Wandsworth Carers a great experience. I have never volunteered before with massage at a centre so was not sure what to expect. I found all the staff very friendly and helpful  and met some wonderful people. All the Carers were so appreciative of their time having a massage as it gave them a break and little bit of ‘me’ time. I also learnt about some of the excellent work that the Carers Centre does  and how many of the Carers really value it.

What have you gained from volunteering at the Carers’ Centre?

Meeting many people with different needs was such a valuable experience, it has helped me to improve my massage skills and I felt that I had helped in some small way.  I feel that I have gained so much more knowledge not just with massage but also with meeting different people and learning about their experiences.

Would you recommend it to others?

I would recommend anyone to have a go at volunteering.

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