Substance Misuse Clinical Reference Group – Have your Say!

Recently Wandsworth Carers Centre has secured representation at the Wandsworth Substance Misuse Clinical Reference Group (CRG).

The CRG is a group made up of professionals, Carer and Service User representatives, designed to “oversee the development and delivery of a range of drug, alcohol and addiction services specific to the needs of the Wandsworth population”

Clara Zethraeus Substance Misuse Project Worker, and a Carer Representative will attend the meeting to feed back experiences and views of Carers and family members. Your current Carer Representative is Liz Martin. 

The role of the Carer Rep is to represent your views and interests, so that substance misuse and primary care services develop to provide a responsive and supportive service for Carers, as well as for those they are caring for.

The CRG feeds directly into the Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) which is responsible for commissioning or ‘buying’ healthcare services in Wandsworth.

So…. we want to hear from you!

Have you been in contact with drug and alcohol services, or your GP practice?

Did you find the service helpful, or could they have done more to support you or your loved one?

Is there more you need from services? Do you have any suggestions for how they could improve?

This is a great opportunity to let decision makers know how services could improve for Carers and family members.

All of your thoughts and experiences are welcome- both good and bad. Issues will be raised anonymously, no names or personal details will be used.

To raise issues, feedback experiences, or to find out more please contact Clara on 020 8675 0811, or email

If you are also interested in using your experience to represent Substance Misuse Carers in Wandsworth, please get in touch with Clara to discuss opportunities.

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