Steps into Work

The aim of the Steps into Work programme is to promote choices, independence and move participants closer to employment, through work experience placements and completion of a BTEC Level 1 Work Skills qualification. The purpose of Steps into Work is to enable individuals aged 16 or above with mild/moderate learning disabilities and learning difficulties to gain new skills and knowledge and find out what type of work they would like to do in the future.  



What is Steps into Work?

Steps into Work represents a new approach whereby adults with complex barriers to employment are given the opportunity to develop sustainable workplace experiences by working in a business environment.

Steps into Work is a 12 month programme.  It involves participants completing three unpaid work placements mainly in office-based roles within Transport for London (TFL). Students on the programme, who are 18 or over, also have the opportunity to complete an operational placement as a Customer Services Assistant (CSA) in a London Underground (LU) station. This provides them the chance to gain an NVQ Level 2 unit 027 in Rail Services qualification which focuses on customer services. Whilst on the programme, participants are students of Barnet and Southgate College studying towards a BTEC Level 1 in Work Skills, and not considered employees of TFL.

Who runs the programme?

Steps into Work is a multi-agency partnership and a Transport for London / Remploy / Barnet & Southgate College initiative.

Steps into Work brings together:

  • Transport for London: the expertise of the business who are committed to offering opportunities for individuals with disabilities
  • Barnet & Southgate College: an education provider with a full time representative at TFL to teach the tutorials and support the needs of the business and the participants
  • Remploy: a supported employment provider from the local community with a full time representative at TFL to support the needs of the business and the participants

How the programme works

  1. Placements
  • Up to 12 participants will take part in unpaid work placements within Transport for London’s offices. The programme is based in Central London (Zones 1 – 2)
  • Placements are mainly office based and participants will have the opportunity to complete three 10-11 week placements. Operational CSA placements are 8 weeks long. (Participants must be 18 or over for CSA placements)
  • Participants will attend their placement 5 days a week, Monday to Friday (unless otherwise agreed) from 09.30/10.00 to 14:00. Students will then attend the tutorial in the afternoon.
  • The aim of the placements is to provide real life work experience for the participants.
  • The ideal roles are ones that are complex but systematic and therefore able to be effectively carried out by individuals with learning disabilities.

The following are examples of tasks and activities which the participants are most likely to be doing in their placements:

Example 1:    Administrator (routine tasks)

  • Opening & date stamping mail every morning. Sorting mail for each department.  Delivering the sorted mail to the correct team.
  • Daily scanning of case files, single letters etc. Naming the scanned document.  Saving the scan to the shared drive on the computer network.
  • Filing documents and case files into draws in alphabetical order.
  • Data entry – typing change of address /

department details etc. into the admin

system to update sections of personal data.

Example 2:    Office Support (varied routine tasks)

  • Emailing staff about meeting bookings, photocopying

& preparing documents and setting up IT equipment

for those meetings.

  • Prepare the weekly stationary order and checking office

stock levels.

  • Assist with labelling and separating files for archiving,

shredding and storing.

  • Issuing letters by running the

database to create a letter.

Printing the letter to sign. 

  1. Qualification
  • Barnet & Southgate College provide a tutor who supports the participants in their placement and teaches them for one hour per day from 14:30 – 15:30. Participants spend the first part of the day in their work placements.
  • The curriculum for the participants is designed explicitly around the knowledge and skills needed to fulfil the roles for mainstream employment.  The work placements provide the opportunity to acquire practical insight of these skills in a real work setting.
  • Participants will work towards gaining a BTEC Level 1 Work Skills qualification.  Participants will build a portfolio of evidence during the programme which will be a record of learning.  There is no exam on this programme.
  1. Support and progression
  • Remploy provide a job coach who supports the participants in their placements and with the transition to the Remploy branch at the end of the programme.
  • Remploy will support participants to search for and gain paid employment following the programme.
  • This programme cannot guarantee participants will receive a paid job, a job offer or interview for a paid role.  However, many former students are now working in a range of full and part-time roles in a variety of organisations. Both the tutor and the job coach are based at Transport for London.  They provide on-site support for the participants, including daily classroom-based sessions and tutorials, along with Job Coaching using the Systematic Instruction model developed by Dr Marc Gold.
  • Participants will complete an induction to working with Transport for London.
  • Participants will then be supported to apply for and prepare for each placement. The three placements will be spread throughout the year with breaks in between.
  1. The 2018 Recruitment Process

Key Dates (provisional dates to be confirmed)

Deadline for Expression of Interest form                                                            06 October 2017

Assessment Day                                               TBC between 30 October – 03 November 2017

Interviews                                                        TBC between 13 November – 17 November 2017

Confirmation of successful applicants                                                           23 November 2017

Pre-programme meeting                                  between 28 November and 08 December 2017

Programme commences                                                                                       08 January 2018

Steps into Work Contact Details

If you would like to receive further information about the 2018 programme please provide your contact details by phone or email to the address below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Steps into Work Team

Transport for London| Remploy| Barnet & Southgate College

Call: 020 3054 2718 or Auto: 82718


In order to apply for the Steps into Work Programme, please download, print off and complete the application documents. Link to documents below:





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