Our work with professionals

Wandsworth Carers’ Centre has been present in the borough for over 20 years and has established and maintained links with professionals across Social Services, Health and the Voluntary Sector.

We have an outreach programme which includes delivering Carer Awareness Training to professionals and organisations.

Involving Carers in what you do

Our Carers’ Participation Officer can support you to involve Carers in your work.  We have a range of Good Practice Guidance available to help you get the most out of working with Carers.

Carer awareness training

This can take place at The Carers’ Centre, or can be delivered from a location convenient to the attendees.  The aim of Carer Awareness Training is to provide staff with an increased understanding of Carers issues and rights, and to identify and explore ways of supporting Carers and models of good practice.  Training is often delivered by trained Carers.

The outcome of the training will be that staff will have increased their knowledge and understanding of Carers issues and rights, and identified ways in which they can support Carers and refer to Carers’ Partnership Wandsworth.

Triangle of Care

The Triangle of Care approach was developed by Carers and staff to improve Carer engagement in acute inpatient and home treatment services in mental health settings.  The approach sees service users, Carers and professionals as equal partners in the recovery of someone’s mental illness.

Carer Awareness is one of key components of the Triangle of Care and is felt essential to embed good practice and work with Carers, family and friends across all teams and staff within Mental Health services

Carer Awareness training is just one aspect of the Triangle of Care and work with families and Carers. It is the first step in further development of skills and expertise in recognising the value. Knowledge and skills that Carers, family and friends bring, that professionals need Carers, family and friends and that working together better helps everyone.

If you would like to find out how Wandsworth Carers’ Centre can support your organisation through Carer Awareness training, please contact us on 020 8877 1200.

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