Fundraising for Wandsworth Carers’ Centre

Our fundraising pack contains all the information you need to host your own fundraising event.  We can support you by discussing your ideas, providing materials such as information leaflets and helping talk you through any practical issues such as collecting money.

Download our fundraising pack here. 

Fundraising ideas include but are not limited to…

  • Coffee morning / Afternoon tea: you could gather with some friends or neighbours and offer them tea, coffee, biscuits… and ask for a small donation.
  • Film / board games night: you could invite some friends / neighbours to come and watch movies or play board games and ask for a small donation.
  • International food: Show off your cooking talents! With the help of international friends you could learn about different cuisines and raise money by charging for taster portions!
  • Bake sales: Are you a budding baker? If so, for sure people would love to eat your creations! You could have a small stand and sell your cakes in your neighbourhood, workplace or community venue.
  • Music event: If you belong to a band or a choir, you could organise a concert in your community
  • Clothes / Toys sales: you could sell the toys your children are not using anymore or the clothes you no longer need.
  • BBQ: If you have a garden and enjoy gathering with your friends around a BBQ, you could ask them a small donation.
  • Charity Quiz: Why not organising a quiz at your local Pub? It could be about any topic you are interested in from music to geography or about a specific country for instance. Prior to the event, you would need to decide on the percentage of the money y that would be donated to the Carers’ Centre.
  • Sponsorship – a run / event or sponsored activity such as sponsored silence.

If you cannot organise your own event, just take part in ours! Have a look on our Events Page to see the upcoming events

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