Find out how you can be Energy Aware

Wandsworth Citizens Advice Bureau is currently running an Energy awareness project, you can make significant savings by becoming energy aware.

  • Check your Energy Deal: Once a year your energy supplier will tell you which tariff is cheapest for you.  If your circumstances change in the meantime, call your supplier to discuss your options.
  • Switch:  Visit an accredited independent website to see if you could get your energy cheaper elsewhere.  Shopping around could save you hundreds of pounds if you have never switched before.  Getting a Duel Fuel deal (buying both your Gas & Electricity together) can be cheaper still.  Some websites give customer satisfaction ratings as well as the potential savings.
  • Be Energy Aware:  Changes in lifestyle to save energy will save money.  For example do not leave appliances in stand by.
  • Insulate:  Insulating cavity walls, topping up loft insulation (current recommended thickness is 270mm), installing double glazing and upgrading your boiler could save your household up to £320 a year.  You may be able to get a grant.  Call 0300 123 1234 to find out which Government funded schemes are available in your area.
  • Winter Fuel Payments:  Keep warm this Winter.  Check for Winter Fuel Allowences.
  • Emergency Fuel Debt ReliefSome funding is available to help with fuel bill debt.
  • Struggling to pay your Energy Bill:  Get information here >.

Thank you to Wandsworth Citizens Advice Bureau for this information.  Contact them to find out more.

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