Activities at Wandsworth Carers’ Centre

Talk Wandsworth Wellbeing sessions

This fun, creative and informative workshop aims to provide key skills to deal with the current covid-19 crisis. It is understandable that one may feel stressed, anxious, low in mood among other negative feelings which may have a direct impact on your wellbeing. Therefore, through looking at the 5 areas of wellbeing (physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual) we aim to highlight ways to maintain positive wellbeing. You will learn to better understand how this crisis is impacting you personally, and learn to use strategies and skills to manage with the current situation.

This workshop is delivered 1-1 via Telephone. It is free to attend for all residents of the London Borough of Wandsworth or those registered with a Wandsworth GP who are over the age of 18. Our Wellbeing team is focused entirely on improving the emotional, physical, spiritual and overall wellbeing of the residents of Wandsworth. We want to work towards providing a more inclusive and socially adapted service for the borough whilst lowering the stigma and discrimination attached to mental health & wellbeing and the services that exist to support these areas of our lives.

Upcoming workshop dates

  • Wednesday 22nd April 2020 at 10am Fully booked
  • Thursday 30th April 2020 as 10am

To sign up call 020 8877 1200 or email

Online Relaxation Sessions

Relaxing can sound like an indulgence when you have a lot on your plate but it is key to your physical and mental health. Relaxation is the opposite of stress and a natural antidote to it. When we relax regularly, we increase our ability to cope with stress and worry. By taking some time out to de-stress you’re not only helping yourself but the person you care for too because you’ll be a better you to share with them. In these sessions you will be guided through various visualisations and techniques to calm and de-stress you. You will also be given a five minute take home technique you can easily fit into your busy day.

For a taste of what is on offer, you can watch and join in with these video’s.

There are lots of ways you can stay active at home and getting even a little exercise has real benefits for both your physical and mental wellbeing.

General health and Wellbeing Sessions

At this difficult time it is important for Carers to look after themselves. As you can’t come into the Centre we have teamed up with Don’t Tone Alone so that you can get support for your health and wellbeing via the internet or phone.

We are offering 8 general health and wellbeing sessions starting on Wednesday 8th April from 2-3pm. The sessions are standalone so you don’t need to commit to all 8.

What will be covered:
Gentle introduction to staying healthy at home

  • Nutrition
  • Physical activity & exercise
  • Stress management

Please call or email us if you would like to book to join. Once you have booked we will contact you to give you the instructions on how to join the sessions.

Call us on 020 8877 1200 or email to sign up.

Other Resources

Joe Wicks, The Body Coach has live P.E sessions every morning that you can join in with and it’s something the kids can get involved in too! You can follow the daily sessions or catch previous episodes here.

The NHS has lots of exercises for all fitness levels, many of which can be done at your own speed. You can access these by clicking on the links below

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