Carers Week Visit to Hampton Court palace

Date: Friday 12 June 2015

Time: at 10am Promptly

From: Wandsworth Carers Centre, 181 Wandsworth High Street.

To celebrate Carers Week and with sponsorship from our host, Wandsworth Carers’ Centre is organising an outing to Hampton Court to explore the wonders of this majestic building and the stories behind them.

Priority for this outing will be given to New Carers who have recently registered with Wandsworth Carers’ Centre. Carers who have been on the Carers Week outings in the past 3 years can put their names on a waiting list and any spare places will be allocated in a lucky dip.

Transport, entrance fees and lunch will be provided by the sponsors. In addition their staff members have volunteered to come along on the day and give us some excellent company.

HamptonCurtNot everyone at Henry VIII’s court was equal. Some were powerful lords and ladies, used to giving orders in their own castles. Others were workers, building, cooking and cleaning for the fastidious king.
Look at the palace through different eyes. Life might be hard below the stairs but danger, even death, lurks at every corner the nearer you approach the throne.  
See how the lives of high and low, rich and poor, mingled and contrasted in King Henry’s Palace.

Please contact Wandsworth Carers Centre on 020 8877 1200 to book your place before

5th June 2015. For further information or queries please speak to Quyen.

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