Carers UK – State of Caring Survey 2015

Complete our annual survey and help us show the UK what it is like to be a carer in 2015.

Carers UK’s annual State of Caring Survey looks into the impact that caring for ill, frail or disabled relatives can have on carers’ finances, health and ability to live their own lives.

What we use the information for:
The information you give provides us with vital evidence for our research and our work to make the case to the UK Government, the Governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and to local decision makers. You can find examples of our research work at:

Since our last survey in 2014, we’ve used carers’ experiences to look at what all political parties need to do to support carers as we run up to the next election and our manifesto is built on their experiences and what they want to see changed.

We used the evidence from carers to campaign for changes to welfare benefits and to Carer’s Allowance and, as a result, the earnings threshold on Carer’s Allowance will be raised to £110 from April 2015.

Completing the survey:
The survey should take between 20 and 30 minutes to complete depending on the level of detail in the information you wish to provide and will bring together and update a variety of different pieces of research Carers UK has done in previous years to get an up to date picture of caring in 2015.

If you would like to print out paper copies of the survey to be filled in, you can download the survey here and return completed copies to Chloe Wright, Carers UK, 20 Great Dover Street, London SE1 4LX.

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