Carers’ Assessments – Information for Carers on the new process

What changes has the Care Act made?

The Care Act 2014, which came into law on the 1st April 15, simplifies, consolidates and improves existing law. It puts Carers on an equal legal footing to those they care for by putting their needs at the center of legislation.

Who can ask for a Carers’ Assessment?

Adults and Carers have the same rights to an assessment based on needs.

For Carers, this means that the previous requirement to provide ‘substantial’ and ‘regular’ care has been removed.

If you provide unpaid care and support to someone living in Wandsworth who cannot manage without your help because they are frail, ill or have a disability, mental health condition or misuse substances, you can contact Social Services and ask for an assessment, even if the person you care for is not eligible for care or has never had an assessment from social services, or is not accessing treatment from the Mental Health Trust or substance misuse services.

What will happen as a result of my Carers’ Assessment?

Assessments will need to consider what else (apart from providing support to the adult) would help the Carer to meet their desired outcomes/goals. For example, having a break from your caring role, or having access to training and workshops to develop your skills.

Direct payments can be requested by anyone eligible for care and support provided they have mental capacity for this, and can be provided to adults with care needs and to Carers.

Your needs might be met in many ways, not just financially. For example we might be able to find you a group in the community to support you or provide respite to the person you care for. All options will be discussed with you as part of your assessment.

How do I request a Carers’ Assessment?

All Carers should first contact the Access team.  When you contact the Access Team they will have an initial conversation with you about your needs, before referring you for an assessment. This can take up to 30 minutes.

Telephone: 020 8871 7707

Find out more about support for Carers

Visit the council’s website to find out more or download the Council’s factsheet about support for Carers: . Or you can pick up a copy of the factsheet or ask for more information at Wandsworth Carers’ Centre.

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