With a leisurely walk in Clapham Common and a cup of tea in a cafe 

(Tea will be paid for by the Carers’ Centre) 

Wednesday 25th April 2018 at 11 am

Come along to meet other Carers and socialise,

whilst also getting some fresh air and exercise.

Meet at Wandsworth Carers’ Centre,

Balham Office, 46 Balham High Road, London SW12 9AQ


For more information, contact Wandsworth Carers,

Centre on 020 8877 1200


Complimentary Therapies at Wandsworth Carers’ Centre

Complimentary Therapies at

Wandsworth Carers’ Centre


Complimentary Therapies can reduce stress and give Carers a chance to take some time out to focus on their own needs.  We offer a range of therapies to Carers, depending on volunteer availability.  Therapies are available at our offices in Balham and Wandsworth High Street.

All our volunteer therapists are either trained or in training, and they are fully supported and insured.


Reflexology with Foot Massage: Reflexology is a non-intrusive complementary health therapy, based on the theory that different points on the feet, lower leg, hands, face or ears correspond with different areas of the body – held on Monday morning at the Wandsworth Office.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture is a treatment derived from ancient Chinese medicine.  Fine needles are inserted at certain sites in the body for therapeutic or preventative purposes – Thursday morning at the Wandsworth Office.

Body Massage: Body Massage involves working and acting on the body with pressure.  Techniques are commonly applied using the hands, arms and elbows.

We offer body massage at both offices – Wednesday morning, Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning at the Wandsworth Office and Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morning, Thursday afternoon and Friday morning at the Balham Office.


Call to put your name on the waiting list

and you will be offered a set of appointments for

a £10 non-refundable deposit.  

Or you can book a one-off massage appointment for £3.


How do I get more information or an appointment?

To find out more about the Complementary Therapies, ask at either office for a Therapy Leaflet.

We operate a waiting list for each therapy, so please call us to put your name down on 0208877 1200 (Wandsworth Office) or 0208675 0811 (Balham Office)  or email:

Carers Partnership Wandsworth Peer Support

Carers Partnership Wandsworth

Peer Support


We offer a wide range of welcoming, friendly and supportive peer support opportunities for Carers.  The peer support groups give you the opportunity to take some time for yourself, meet other Carers, share experiences and have your voice heard.

Speakers are arranged to meet the needs of the individual groups.

Please speak to the group facilitator if you would like a particular topic to be discussed.  You can call us on 020 88771200 for more information or just simply turn up and stay for as long as you.

Carers Assessments

Did you know you have the right

to ask the Council to

assess your needs as a Carer?


The person you care for doesn’t need to have been assessed, it’s all about you, and how your caring role affects you and the support you need to carry on.

A Carers Assessment may result in services for you or the person you support.  The Council where the person being cared for lives is responsible.


In Wandsworth, Adult Carers should contact the Access Team on 020 88771200 or email, and Young Carers should cask Children’s Specialist Services for an assessment.

Contact them on 020 8871 6622 or


Opportunities to have you say and influence services for Carers and for those you support

Opportunities to have your say and influence services

for Carers and for those you support


Help influence and improve Mental Health services in Wandsworth.

Become a Carer Rep for the Wandsworth Mental Health Clinical Reference Group (MH CRG).  As a Carer Rep, you can make a difference by:

  • Sharing your experience and views about local services
  • Ensuring that the needs of Mental Health Carers in Wandsworth are identified, addressed and included in service developments
  • Influence service plans so that they are responsive to individuals needs


The MH CRG meets every 2-3 months and is made up of representatives from the various organisations that are involved in planning and delivering mental health services in Wandsworth as well as Carers and Service Users. You would get support from Carers’ Centre staff before and during each meeting.


If you are interested in any of these opportunities please call Jenny on 02088771200 or email

Opportunities to have your say and influence services for Carers and for those you support.

Opportunities to have your say and influence services

for Carers and for those you support.


Come to the Carers Forum To meet other Carers, share your experience of being a Carer in Wandsworth and engage in open discussions about the key issues affecting Carers in Wandsworth.


The Forum meets every two months and Carers set the agenda.  You are welcome at every meeting but you don’t have to commit to coming to them all.


NEXT MEETING: Thursday 1st February from 2 pm to 4 pm, main topic this time Parent Carers.

Location: To be confirmed.  Refreshments provided

Annual Health Checks for Carers

Annual Health Checks for Carers


If you are an unpaid Carer who is over the age of 18 and have a Wandsworth GP you are eligible to receive a 30-minute Carer Consultation with your GP.


Your GP will check your physical and emotional health and will assess what impact your caring duties are having on them.  Where relevant your GP will then refer you to service that can support you in your caring role and with your health and wellbeing.


Following your initial consultation, your GP will invite you back annually for follow up consultations.

Contact your GP to make an appointment.

Wandsworth Carers’ Centre Information and Advice Service

Wandsworth Carers’ Centre

Information and Advice Service


Don’t Miss Out: To book an appointment with an Information and Advice Worker for support to complete benefit forms or for benefits advice contact the Carers’ Centre on  020 8877 1200


This service is in high demand. If you require help to fill in a benefit form, please contact us as soon as possible to book an appointment.


Important Point: Please note the date on the letters you receive, as timelines for sending informatio back to benefits department are based on the date listed on the letter, not the date you receive the letter


If you are wishing to check your benefits entitleents you may also wish to use one of the following

websites; and

CARERS PENSION Sorting out your future!


Sorting out your future!


Are you caring for someone 25 hours a week or more?  You may be able to claim Carers Allowance in which case you national insurance contributions will also be paid so you will receive a state pension when you reach pension age.

Are you caring at least 20 hours a week for one or more people and not eligible for Carers Allowance?  You may be eligible for Carers’ credit towards a State Pension.


Check out your eligibility at or call us to arrange a benefits check on 020 8877 1200

Ever wondered how your relative would cope during a power cut?

Ever wondered how your relative would cope during a power cut?


Power Networks are responsible for maintaining a safe and reliable supply of electricity.

Do you or a relative need extra support during a power cut?  UK Power Networks  can help, and their services are free to customers who need it.

Who can receive extra support?

  • If you rely on medical equipment
  • If you have a refrigerated medicines
  • If you have a serious or chronic illness
  • If you have a disability
  • If you or someone you care for is living with dementia
  • If you are of pensionable age
  • If you have children under five in your household
  • If you need extra support for a short time period (e.g If you are recovering from medical treatment)

What Help should I expect to get?

  • A priority number that you can call 24 hours a day
  •  A dedicated team who will contact you to keep you updated during a power cut.
  • Tailored support if needed such as home visits, hot meals, advice and keeping your friends and relatives updated
  • In certain scenarios we may also offer a free hotel overnight and transport to the hotel


Please visit find out more about this free support