Annual Health Checks for Carers

Did you know you Wandsworth GP can offer you a 30 minute appointment, every year?  Have you had your Carer Consultation with your GP? If not, read on to find out more, and importantly – ask your GP for your annual health check!


What are annual health checks?

If you are an unpaid Carer who is over the age of 18 and has a Wandsworth GP you are eligible to receive a 30-minute Carer Consultation with your GP practice.

Your GP will check your physical and emotional health and will assess what impact your caring duties are having on them.  Where relevant your GP will then refer you to services that can support you in your caring role and with your health and wellbeing.

Following your initial consultation your GP will invite you back annually for follow up consultations.

Aim of the Annual Health Check:

  • Health checks can help identify health problems early which can then be treated
  • Improve health outcomes for Carers
  • Improve access to generic health promotion for Carers

What is included in the Annual Health Check?

The health check is a check of a person’s physical and emotional health.  It is carried out by the doctor and nurse and at a minimum includes:

  • A discussion and check of your physical health
  • A review of the medication you are on
  • A discussion about any relevant health promotion advice, such as stopping smoking, taking up exercise and eating healthily
  • A discussion about your emotional wellbeing and how your caring role is affecting you

The health check is carried out once a year and a reminder is sent by the GP practice

What to do:

Most GP practices in Wandsworth have signed up to offer annual health checks to Carers, but if your surgery doesn’t know you are a Carer, you may be missing out.

  • Tell your GP surgery you are a Carer and ask to be added to their Carer register
  • Ask your GP for an appointment for an Annual Health Check- it is your right!
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