Alexander Technique – Available again at Wandsworth Carers’ Centre

What is it?

The Alexander Technique, developed by Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869-1955), aims to teach people how to change faulty habitual patterns related to bad posture, poor balance and excessive tension. The Technique is a method of re-education in the use of oneself, promoting better muscular coordination and general functioning which the pupil can then take into everyday life. What takes place in an Alexander lesson is a learning process, not therapy. The Alexander teacher does not set out to treat or cure, but to teach. It is true to say, however, that people often seek out the Technique to help themselves deal with problems such as backache, muscular strains, low vitality, etc.

What will a treatment involve?

A lesson usually lasts around 45 minutes and, as there is movement involved, pupils are asked to wear loose, comfortable clothing. A lesson is ‘hands on’, ie it involves touch as the teacher uses gentle touch and manipulation to help the pupil to free his/her neck and to release muscular tension, for example, and in so doing teaches the principles of the Technique. The lesson will include working in a standing and sitting position and semi-supine on a couch.

What could it help?

The simple guided movements are practised to co-ordinate and balance your entire muscular-skeletal system. If things go well you will feel lighter, taller and move with greater freedom by the end of the session, and experience a sense of grounding and calm.

What do we offer?

Wandsworth Office:
Set of 6 appointments given
Appointments available on Tuesday afternoons between 2pm and 5pm.
Each appointment lasts up to 1 hour
Appointments happen weekly
A £10 deposit is required for this treatment


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